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Magnificent Toy Poodles
A toy Poodle breeder of excellence, producing the finest quality possible of toy size Poodles, for myself and for families with discriminating taste, and placed as AKC show prospect and/or as pet-companions.

"Magnificent toy Poodles make extraordinary toy Poodles seem ordinary"


Welcome to the home website of Magnificent Toy Poodles
Telephone (323) 804-0844, feel free to call me, would love to chat poodles with you.

Please, explore this site to learn more about my five star Poodles and I.

I specialize in A.K.C. registered, pure bred, show quality toy size Poodles (9 to 11 inches tall - 4 to 6 pounds) which are free from ugly tearing/tears' stains and free of hereditary diseases / medical conditions which may affecting toy Poodles, and with sound temperament.

Occasionally I have puppies or adults for adoption to join a great, sweet-loving family, as a new family member.

I only breed the following
solid colorsmahogany red, golden red, silver, gray, jet black, and ice white; for elegance, performance, beauty, intelligence and companionship.

I have been a hobby breeder-exhibitor-handler of dogs since the age of eight years old and of toy size Poodles since the year 2000 and exclusively dedicated to preserve the ideal "pure bred" toy size Poodle by incorporating the healthiest and finest quality bloodlines from the world. 
I maintain a very selective hobby breeding program (non-commercial to supply a market) preserving the breed the way it was intended many centuries ago by my European ancestors who originally adopted/rescue the breed and domesticated it.
  •  All of my dogs must clear the appropriate genetic testing before breeding. Not only good health is hereditary, but also intelligence, good behavior (my Poodles are NOT barkers), and correct arrangement of all the body parts to create elegance and beauty, as final result: perfectly balanced and sound toy Poodles.
I am personally committed in preserving and continuing the legacy of excellence and first class quality that many dutiful toy Poodle breeders of excellence have accomplished in the past decades and who were committed to preserving the original and so desired aspects of this lovely breed, and have worked so hard for many decades to achieve and preserve.

To own a poodle is to own the very essence of delight, fun, affection, and companionship. This amazing breed is more bonding than one’s shadow. They will definitely steal your heart. Their captivating and impressive personality, intelligence, presence, movement, and carriage of a well bred toy Poodle is truly a sight that can take one’s breath away. They are indeed a form of a master piece.

If you are interested in discovering more about MAGNIFICENT toy Poodles, and what has been my privilege to accomplish over the past 13 years of diligent dedication, scientific research and ethical breeding practices, I invite you to view further and contact me if you please. It has been an utter joy to work with this great breed over the years. This is an amazing breed and I am so honored to have played an important role in preserving and continuing its evolution and development for as long as I live.

I may produce only one or two litters every two years in hopes to attain my next show prospect(s) puppy(ies) to show at AKC dog shows competitions

My poodle puppies are carefully raised at my home by using the best recognized and approved methods for puppy development, socialization, nutrition and training.

I have genetically tested (DNA test) my adult breeding dogs to ensure they are clear from hereditary diseases/medical conditions affecting toy poodles and that my adult poodles WILL NOT pass on hereditary diseases to their puppies, this way, ensuring I only bring into this (our) wonderful world - the healthies Poodles with sound body and mind.  

I will be glad to assist families intending to add a new friend/family member, a MAGNIFICENT toy Poodle!

My practices with Poodles are: Professional integrity and honesty by not cheating at AKC dog shows; scientific, ethical, and honest breeding practices, maintaining optimal health and sought-after temperament, and as a result, producing sound and beautiful pure bred champions for dog show competitions and family companions.

MEDICAL TESTING on all my breeding toy poodles:
Due to my dedication in the advancement and preservation of consistent health in toy Poodles, all of my (few) toy poodles dedicated for breeding are health screened/tested at their appropriate age to reduce the incidence of genetic diseases passed on to their puppies; my breeding poodles are tested only by specialist veterinarians and approved laboratories.

List of health screen tests performed on my breeding adult Magnificent Toy Poodles:
1.- Annually test for Canine Eye Registration Foundation C.E.R.F. Eye exam to detect many eye hereditary abnormal conditions through a veterinarian Ophthalmologist,
2.- Genetic testing for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) / Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration PRCD (Retinal disease) to identify declining vision and eventually blindness with age. 
3.- OFA Luxating Patellas test (to verify lameness of knees).
4.- American Kennel Club DNA profile test (cheek swab test)
5.- As needed: OFA Thyroid gland blood screen (FT4D, cTSH, TgAA Thyroid gland function panel),
6.- As needed: OFA X-ray of hips. 

My poodles are fed a combination of organic cooked shredded chicken mixed with holistically "Solid Gold" dry and canned (wet) dog food, "Nature's Variety" raw frozen food, and "Merrick" canned entrées.
** I also recommend Life's Abundance, Canidae, Prism, and Eagle Holistic pet foods.

* During their pregnancy I add prenatal vitamins/minerals and cottage cheese.
The food I choose for my dogs contains organic, wholesome human grade ingredients such: organic meats, organic whole grains, and organic fresh fruits and vegetables without harmful or damaging ingredients, I mix with organic cooked eggs, de-boned organic chicken and cottage cheese.

* Furthermore, I always and only offer my poodles filtered purified bottled drinking water,  changed at least three times during the day.

Magnifique poodle puppies are applied the following three methods to develop stronger dogs, to define their temperament (mental capabilities and inclinations) and to classify their physical structure (conformation):

*1.- "The Bio Sensor Program Stimulation":    Gentle early age stress stimulation, developed by the U.S. Military Canine Program, creates stronger dogs for any type of training, to increase performance and to provide sound companionship.
    *2.- "The Volhard Aptitude/Performance/Temperament Test":
Developed by Wendy and Joachim Volhard. Designed to discover and grade the natural abilities and temperament traits of the puppy.
     *3.- "The Puppy Puzzle Physical Structure Evaluation":
Physical structure/conformation evaluation guidelines developed by well respected American Kennel Club all breed judge, Mrs. Pat Hastings.

NOTE: (Please, read the "Nursery/Puppies" page for detail information regarding these tests performed in all my puppies).